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Getting Started with eBay

Access Provision

To allow Sellbery to communicate with eBay, take the following steps:

Sign in or register a Developer Account on
Then identify your Client ID and Client Secret.
Paste your Client ID and Client Secret in matching fields in the Sellbery App.
Once you’ve completed this step, return to the Application Keys screen in your eBay Developer Account.
Click on the “User Tokens” link in the “Client ID” box.
Get a token from eBay via the application section.
Copy the “Name” field and paste it in the “Redirect URL name” field in the Sellbery App.
Click the “Save” button to connect.

Now, you can select your marketplace, policy, warehouse, and language.

Follow this guide to ensure the following items are checked off so your eBay account is properly configured:

You have switched your account to a business type account. If you don’t have a business type account, go to – Registering as a business
You have added an automatic payment method.
You have connected your PayPal and seller accounts.
You have made at least one shipment from your address.
You have connected your developer and seller accounts.
You have created a default business policy.
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