Sellbery provides a possibility of importing products to the system using an XLSX or CSV file, or downloading products from an Import point through Sellbery to the file of the same format. You may use this option if you do not have your own online store or your store is built on a platform that is not integrated with Sellbery.

File can be selected as a component for Import point or Export point, and then linked to the second component in the project, like any other integrated channel.

File as Import point

Double-click on the component and upload the file to establish a connection with Sellbery. Note that the file size must not exceed 20 Mb, must be in .csv, .xls or .xlsx format and must contain the following mandatory headers:

ID - product ID
SKU - product SKU
Title - name/title of the product
Quantity - the quantity of available product items
Price - product price
Description - product description
Image_0 - the image URL

If any of these fields are missing, the file will not be accepted.

Sellbery also provides the template of the file that can be downloaded to your computer and used as an example for the creation of your file with the product data.

Once the products have been downloaded they become visible on the Products tab. There, the products can be viewed, filtered, deleted, and pushed to the Export point.

As soon as the products are pushed to the Export point, the mapping must be configured, and then the products can be uploaded to the target system or marketplace.

File as Export point

The procedure for connection and downloading products is the same as for any other component with the only exception that no Mapping rules are required.

After the products have been pushed to the Export point (File), you can start the "Product Upload" process right away. As soon as all products have been processed, the system prompts for saving the file with the products in the format specified in the Export point settings (CSV or XLSX).

Note that the structure of the file exported via Sellbery is different from the structure of the file that is required when the file is uploaded to Sellbery. The same file cannot be exported via Sellbery from one system and uploaded to another system via Sellbery at once. You need to modify the file structure to contain the necessary headers. Please refer to the structure of the Example File ???
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