Sellbery uses API for connection to all of the integrated channels. In order to establish a connection, you need to choose two systems - the Import Point, from which the products will be imported, and the Export Point, to which the products will be uploaded. Each of these systems must be connected to Sellbery via the corresponding API. Also, these two systems must be connected to each other inside Sellbery. 

The connection process is simple and does not require any advanced technical knowledge. Most of the channels can be connected to via the OAuth method, which only requires you to log in to your account with the channel in question and authorize the Sellbery application to access your account and update your product data.

The initial configuration of a channel to channel connection on Sellbery includes the following steps:

You can find a detailed description of the above process and Mapping

The initial setup process is only done once for each connection on Sellbery. The application stores the settings, and they are used for further product data synchronization. You can create multiple channel-to-channel connections within one Sellbery project. You can also create multiple Sellbery projects for connecting different channels.

The Product Sync can be enabled after the first successful upload of products to the Export Point. You can choose different strategy options and the time interval, based on which Sellbery will pull the product data from the Import Point and upload it to the Export Point automatically.

The Order Sync feature allows importing orders from the Export Point to the Import Point, and can only be enabled after the first successful product upload. The orders can only be synced for the products that have been uploaded to the Export Point via Sellbery! The orders made for the listings that were created on the Export Point manually or uploaded with the help of third-party tools will not be synced.
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