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Shopify brand encapsulates all the options available for anybody from a beginner to an advanced user. Its slogan is “Your brand, your way.” The features allow the user to easily understand and accomplish all of the online seller’s goals without the need for design skills. Shopify offers everything in one place for an easy way to build your online brand with a custom domain name for your online store. It provides the ability to create a flawless website and manage your products and inventory from one platform. Shopify will fulfill and exceed your expectations.

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Shopify Credentials

There are two possible ways to establish a connection and provide the Sellbery App access to Shopify - via Full Connect or via oAuth.

Connection via Full Connect:

Go to Apps → Manage Private Apps → Generate API Credentials.

Fill in the application name (Sellbery App) and configure its access across the API sections of “Products, Variants and Collection” and “Orders, Transactions, and Fulfillments” sections.

The Sellbery inventory app uses “Products, Variants, and Collections” and “Orders, Transactions and Fulfilments” for writing and reading.

For the new connection use:

Store Name (Settings → General).
API Key and Password (Apps → Manage Private Apps).

Connection via oAuth:

Choose the "Connect via User" mode on Sellbery and click "Connect".
You will be redirected to your Shopify store admin and prompted to install the Sellbery application for Shopify.
Install the application and agree to allow it access to your Shopify store.
After that, you will be redirected back to Sellbery and your Shopify store will be connected.

Shopify Download Strategies

Sellbery currently offers 4 Download Strategies for Shopify:

All products.
By product type.
By product vendor.
By Collection.

The first strategy allows for downloading all products from Shopify.

The other strategies can be used to download the products that only match the pre-set criteria (e.g. the products of a specific type, vendor, or those that belong to a specific collection).

To choose a certain product type/vendor:

Log in to your Shopify Admin Panel.
Go to the “Products” section on the left-side menu.
Click on “Filter Products” and select your preferred filter. Then check the list of available values in the second drop-down list.
Use the product type/vendor to find the relevant products to download.
Choose the matching category in the settings of your Sellbery account.

To download products by collection:

Log in to your Shopify Admin Panel.
Go to the “Products” section in the menu on the left.
Then go to “Collections” and click on the collection that you want to download to Sellbery.
In the browser’s address bar copy the Collection ID number (the URL’s ending numbers after a slash / as shown on the screenshot).

Paste the collection ID to the matching field in the Shopify settings in your Sellbery account.

If the products you want to download to Sellbery are located in different collections, you may create a new collection in Shopify and add all the necessary products to it. Then you can download the products from that collection only to Sellbery using the "Collection ID" download strategy. This will save you a lot of time and effort that it would take to filter the necessary products on Sellbery manually.
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