Sellbery is a multichannel listing application designed to automate and optimize data synchronization between various eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, shopping engines, and even social media such as Facebook.

Sellbery serves to export your products from your online store to the most visited marketplaces or shopping engines. In the process of data export, Sellbery converts the product data to the format required by the target channel. After that, Sellbery keeps your listings updated across multiple platforms automatically.

Sellbery also delivers orders from different channels into the original platform via an automated, scalable inventory system that is linked directly to your web store.

Sellbery is a cloud-based application that does not need to be installed on your server or integrated with your eCommerce platform. The connection between your store, Sellbery, and other sales channels is done via API which has already been integrated by our team. All you need to do for a successful connection is fill in your access data, which is only stored in your connection profile in your Sellbery account and is not visible to anyone, even to Sellbery developers. Make sure to follow the connection instructions for each system precisely to avoid any connection issues. If you have any questions in the process of connection or configuration of Sellbery app, you may always ask our Customer Success team

Important! Sellbery is NOT a marketplace and cannot be used for the creation of product listings. Our application serves for establishing a connection between different channels and transferring the product and order information from one channel to another automatically.

At the moment, Sellbery is integrated with 16 various sales channels, including popular eCommerce platforms, such as Woocommerce, Shopify, Magento, international online marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Lazada, social media (Facebook), Google Shopping and Google Ads services. Our team of professional developers is working non-stop to improve the functionality and user interface of Sellbery, to keep the application up-to-date with the cutting edge technologies and extend its capabilities to make Sellbery the best tool for online merchants all over the world.
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