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For individuals who are already on WordPress, WooCommerce is a combination of WordPress with an eCommerce platform. WooCommerce provides an opportunity to easily run and manage your store online with powerful extensions to scale up your business without compromising your goals. You will find the usage of extensions extremely helpful as you grow your business due to their capability to support both small business owners and large enterprise companies.

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To establish a connection and download products to our WooCommerce inventory management tool, you need to create a user for the Sellbery app in the WooCommerce admin panel.

Log in to your WordPress admin panel.
Go to WooCommerce → Settings.
Click the “Advanced” tab and choose the “REST API” section there.
Click the “Add key” button.
Enter the description (e.g. Sellbery).
Assign a user.
Choose “Read/Write” in the “Permissions” drop-down list.
Then click “Generate API key”.
Use “Consumer key” and “Consumer secret” for authorization.

For the new connection use:

Site Address URL (Settings → General).
Port (as usual 443 for HTTPS and 80 for HTTP).
Consumer key and Consumer secret created according to this guide.

You can download WooCommerce products using the category ID. To find the ID:

Log in to your WooCommerce account.
Go to the “Products” section and choose Categories.
Click on the category name you want to download.
Find the category ID in the address line in the browser (copy the numbers after ID=).
Use this ID to download products that match the category.
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